art stage OSAKA 2022


2022.6.3[fri]->5[sun] 6.2 Preview Day [Invitation Only] Dojima River Forum


The stage has been set to hold an International Art Fair in Osaka.

“art stage OSAKA 2022” will be the first international art trade fair to be held in Osaka, following in the footsteps of “Art Fair Tokyo”. In Dojima and Nakanoshima, a place where postwar art flourished, carefully selected galleries from both Japan and overseas will showcase and sell contemporary art that condenses the local and international art scenes. “art stage OSAKA 2022”, an international and diverse art market platform, will offer a variety of special exhibitions and programs as a place for information exchange and socializing not only among art lovers and those involved in art, but also among ambassadors of various nations, government officials, and prominent figures in the business world. We will propose a new lifestyle of “owning art” instead of “appreciating art”, as well as “ways of facing art in the new age” to enrich people's hearts and lives through art as social and cultural capital. “art stage OSAKA 2022” will serve as an opportunity to contribute to the revitalization of socioeconomics and the promotion of culture and art, including the rejuvenation of the art market in the Osaka area for the upcoming World Expo and the development of artists and human resources for art and culture.

2022.6.3[fri]->5[sun] 6.2 Preview Day [Invitation Only]
Dojima River Forum
General advance ticket: 4,000 yen (Incl. Tax)
  • Children younger than elementary school age accompanied by adults: free
  • In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, we will also sell new "late pass" tickets(1,000 yen (Incl. Tax)) to promote the staggered arrival of visitors.

Sponsor / Collaboration

/ Special Sponsor

  • TOKYO TATEMONO Brillia / Hotel Properties Limited
「Four Seasons Hotel」とプライベートレジデンス「Brillia」が一体となった超高層複合タワー、
“旅とアート”がコンセプトの「ONE DOJIMA PROJECT

art stage OSAKA 2021 was cancelled.
The details of exhibitors and the interview with an artist is available from below.